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Srilanka Customs


Customs Clearance

A shipment temporarily detained by Sri Lanka customs and then bonded with us are cleared by the consignee from Monday to Friday.
(Excluding public holidays)

From 8 : 30 am to 4 : 45 pm

and Saturday

From 8: 30 am to 1 :00 pm

Clearance : Further Information regarding clearance can be obtained from your courier companies.
Some of the main courier services are shown here

Documents Required

Main documents required by customs:

  1. 1. Freight Arrival Notice (FAN)
  2. 2. Master Airway bill
  3. 3. House Airway bill
  4. 4. Commercial Invoice (if available)
  5. 5. L/C-TT copy (if available)
  6. 6. Special approvals and certificates such as TRC, CDD, FRIC, ICL,SLS

Customs Duties

Payment of customs duty and other state levies
Above charges applicable and payable, can be paid under one roof(for cash or by pay order)

Further information is available at www.customs.gov.lk